Women's Mentoring Program: Mentor Application

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Thank you for your interest in the Women's Mentoring Program! The Women's Mentoring Program serves sophomores, juniors, and seniors at Ohio University. It's a two semester-long program where mentees are paired with a female mentor in their personal and professional fields of interest during the Fall semester. Mentor applications are taken on a rolling basis, but would not be paired until the Fall following the receipt of your application.* 

Mentor/mentee pairs are required to meet, face-to-face, for an hour once a month, any additional commitments are negotiated between the mentor and mentee. If you do not live in the Athens area, you may still apply if you visit regularly and are able to arrange face-to-face meetings with your mentee. If you are not in the area, you can join our “Booster Mentor” program, which provides networking opportunities to mentees through Skype type interactions. Booster mentors are contacted as needed depending on the makeup of the mentee cohort. Booster mentors apply through this application as well.

In addition to building a mentoring relationship, participating students and mentors have the opportunity to attend programs and activities focused on career and personal development.

You are required to attend four events during the program as a pair: the meet and greet when the pairs are announced (September), networking (October), the spring semester kick-off (January), and the mentor appreciation dinner (April).

*Pairings are made intentionally (not randomly) and depend on our mentee applicant pool, so we cannot guarantee that every participating mentor will be matched with a mentee.

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