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This application is for those interested in having a participant in Women Leading OHIO job shadow them. The nature of the job shadowing experience will depend on you. At one campus, for example, job shadowing took the form of an internship, with the participant committing to be in the office for several hours over the course of several weeks and had a project based outcome. More frequently, job shadowing occurs on a much shorter time frame, and without the project. For example, the Oklahoma Women in Higher Education has a one day commitment for their job shadow program, and the Manchester Community College allows for the person shadowed and the participant to determine the dates, time, and duration of the program. The Women’s Center proposes that there is a one day commitment for the job shadowing program, at least (though it could be done over the course of several days).  Recommended activities for the job shadow experience could include:

·        Attending a staff meeting

·        Meeting colleagues within the department

·        Attend a committee or departmental meeting

·        Sit in on a brainstorming session for a particular project, budgeting process, strategic planning

·        Interview time with supervisees

·        Visits to regional campuses

*Pairings are made intentionally, and may not result in you being paired until we have someone looking for a job shadow experience in your area.

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